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Music Supervisors/Producers/Creative Directors/Editors FAQ


How Do I Qualify To Submit Music To Hook Line and Sync? You will need to be an active Artist, Band and/or Singer/Songwriter. Songs must be Well Produced, Well Crafted, and have been mixed and mastered... More importantly you NEED to own the rights to both your masters and publishing.


I Have Instrumental Versions of My Songs - Can I Submit Both?  Yes...if you have vocal and instrumental versions of your songs we ask that you submit both, but only if they are mixed and mastered.  


How Do I Submit My Music To Hook Line and Sync? Register on the link below, be sure to leave your website, or a link to where we can check out your tunes. If we feel we can all work together, you will receive direct contact from us requesting your latest Album, EP or Single, along with step-by-step instructions on how to get set up in the system.


When Will You Get Back To Me On Whether You Would Like To Add My Songs? If we feel we can all work together, you will normally hear from us within 14 working days.


What Information Do You Need About My Songs? We need a great deal of information and its important for you to understand that YOU or your manager will need to upload song details such as song descriptions, what the song is about, lyrics of the songs and info such as who owns the song. This can be time consuming and if you're not prepared to put the work in please don't register with Hook Line and Sync. You will have 14 days from once you sign the agreement to have all of your song information uploaded.


Will You Let Me Know What Songs Have Been Accepted By Hook Line and Sync? Definitely... You will receive a 'Welcome' email from us which will inform you of which songs we would like to initially include in the catalogue.


What's In The Agreement? The basic points are that the agreement is non-exclusive for 36 months. You can leave anytime, and we will split (upfront and residuals) income 50% (You) 50% (Us) for all placements we procure for you. You will retain control of your rights, and we will never charge you a red cent to be part of Hook Line and Sync.


Do I Get Approval On Where My Song/s Are Placed? Yes. We contact you straight away as soon as someone wants to use one of your songs. We normally turn around license's in 24 hours so you have to be available to receive a call from us 24 / 7.


Who Do You Work With? We work directly with music supervisors, producers, creative directors and editors from all over the world including companies such as Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, HBO, Showtime, USA Network, ABC (USA), CTV, DC Shoes, Ann Taylor, Joe Fresh, Virgin, Qantas, Contiki, and Jeans West.


I Have Songs That Were Co-written With People That Have Publishing Deals - Can I Still Submit? No sorry... All the writers need to own/control both their master and publishing rights.


Do I Need To Be A Member of A Collection Society (PRO)? YES... This is important so everyone can be paid for the music we place.


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