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What's in it for Solo Artists, Bands and Managers?


'Hook Line and Sync are pioneering the future of licensing, connecting independent artists with film and television in a way that works for everyone. Good independent artists may not need a label anymore, and companies like Hook Line and Sync are one reason why - they are artist friendly, they are easy to work with, and they make you money. Other companies talk a big game about licensing, but Hook Line and Sync gets it done." — Rench NYC (Artist)


Does it Cost? Absolutely not! We understand you're skint and we don't want to see a dime coming out of your pockets.

Is it non – exclusive? Sure is! The agreements are very friendly and allow you to spread your love wherever needed.

What Will I Get Paid? You will receive 50% of all upfront income that we generate for your music. In addition you will receive 100% of the writer’s performance royalties, which will be paid directly by your Performing Rights Organization (PRO). Hook Line and Sync will receive 100% of the publishing performance royalties ONLY for placements we generate for you.


Who Do You Work With? We work directly with music supervisors, producers, creative directors and editors from all over the world including companies such as Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, HBO, Showtime, USA Network, ABC (USA), CTV, DC Shoes, Ann Taylor, Joe Fresh, Virgin, Qantas, Contiki, and Jeans West.

What Do I Do Next? Register below! Once we have all your details, and we feel we can work together, our A & R department will get back to you and request your latest Album, EP or Single. We'll then get back to you with a welcome email, and a password to access your agreement and song management area.

Should I Register? Hook Line and Sync only accepts registrations from active Artists, Bands and/or Singer/Songwriters.


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