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Music Supervisors/Producers/Creative Directors/Editors

Artist and Managers FAQ


Can I Listen To Songs Without Becoming A Registered Member? No... Sorry our catalogue is password protected.


What Types of Music Do You Have In Your Catalogue? We have both Vocal and Instrumental songs with a focus on Acoustic, Alt Rock, Alt Pop, Dance/Electronica, Funk, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock and Singer/Songwriter. We also offer a selection of adult contemporary songs combining Folk, Blues and Country.


Can I Just Send You A Brief With What I'm Looking For? Yes... Once registered and we have sent you a password enter the site and click on 'Send A Brief', fill out the form provided and we will get back to you ASAP with a selection of cuts.


Can I Receive Samplers? Definitely – when registering on the form please tick how you would like the music delivered to you every month. If you're working on a project and need specific genres / styles of music please let us know and we will tailor a selection of cuts to check out.


I Am Aware of An Artist That Is In Your Catalogue - How Can I Hear More of Their Music or License One of Their Songs? At the bottom of the registering form you will find an area to make a note of the artist... Once we know who the artist is we will send you their entire catalogue or the process to clear the song.


Do You Have a Rate Card? No... Each sync is determined by the type of clearance you need. Please keep in mind that there are no publishers or recording labels involved so no hoops to jump through and no crazy fees.


Do I Have To Secure Separate Licenses For The Master Recording And Synchronization? No... We provide you with an 'all in' license. If you have your own standard license we can work with you to clear the song.


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